A C1 is a one-person canoe. The 'C' stands for CANADIAN. This is our sport!

Regatta Deposit - Leduc, July 20th 2019

Regatta Deposit - Leduc, July 20th 2019

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The Leduc Regatta will be the first travelling summer season regatta following the start of our summer programs.  We are excited to see all our Wascana Team at the event.  Our team goals are simple: attend with as many of our team as possible, have a great regatta experience, give our best effort, have fun and cheer louder than any other club.  These are our measures of success. 

Important Dates:

  • Boat loading Thursday 1-4 PM, July 18th
  • WRCC Banner & Sign making party Thursday 6-7:30PM, July 18th
  • Bus Departs WRCC Friday 12:30PM (loading starts at 12:00), July 19th
  • Competition Day Saturday 20th
  • Team Returns Saturday Night (ETA midnight)

What to Bring:

  • Racing Team Shirt
  • Sunscreen & Hat

Coach & Athlete Travel:

Our Team is now big enough to travel by Bus (O Ya, Go TEAM!) We love the time together in the bus as a great way to foster team building and a sense of WRCC unity. It also allows athletes who may not otherwise have rides to participate and makes sure we all get there on time.  The Team will depart the Wascana Racing Canoe Club at 12:30PM Friday with the travel time estimated at 8 hours. Parents and the ‘cheering team’ who may be traveling to Leduc as well, If there are empty seats in the bus we are happy to have you ride along.


Coaches will determine the room assignments. 2-4 athletes will be assigned to each room. We have a block of rooms reserved at the Best Western Premier Denham Inn Hotel in Leduc, close to the race course at Telford Lake. 


It is wise to pack snacks for the bus but the bus will stop on route for a team meal. Saturday, lunch provided at the race course by our own WRCC Performance Nutrition Team (Let Mike know if you want to help as part of this group).  Breakfast and dinners will be at local establishments with the option to pick groceries as well.  Team staff will help ensure athlete are fueling well.

Team Leaders:

  • Mike Robinson - Lead Coach 
  • Simon Chambers - Coach
  • Christian Patterson - Coach
  • Robin Kendall - Coach

Coaches appreciate any parents willing to assist the team by supervising from time to time or run errands.  Please let us know if you will be joining us in Leduc. All athletes are expected to behave in an appropriately, represent themselves and the Wascana Racing Canoe Club in a top-quality manner, and display the highest degree of sportsmanship.  

Your Equipment:

You know better than anyone what you will need for personal race equipment.  Do not ASSUME that your equipment has been taken on the trailer.  Work with your coach to ensure what you need gets loaded on the trailer.  To be sure, Pack it yourself!

Cost Breakdown:

The Team fee is estimated at between $275 and $325 based on 28+ athletes.   This fee covers transportation for equipment and team, race fees, hotel and lunch at the race course. Once we confirm our entries we will finalize exact cost in that range.

  • Thursday July 11th: $100 Deposit
  • Thursday July 18th: Final payment after the registration numbers are finalized.