A C1 is a one-person canoe. The 'C' stands for CANADIAN. This is our sport!

Regatta Deposit - Calgary, Aug 2nd 2019

Regatta Deposit - Calgary, Aug 2nd 2019

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2019 Prairie Division Championships - Calgary

Important Dates:

  • Boat loading Thursday 12-4 PM, Aug 1st
  • WRCC Banner & Sign making party Thursday 6-7:30PM, Aug 1st
  • Bus Departs WRCC Friday 8:00am (loading starts at 7:30 sharp), Aug 2nd
  • Competition Day Aug 3rd-4th 
  • Team Returns Sunday Night (ETA Midnight)

The Prairie Division Championships is not only the regions championship but serves as a qualification event for the Canadian Championships and therefore takes on greater significance. For those wanting to attend the Canadian Champs in Regina (Aug 27-Sept 1) this event is where we earn our entries. Wascana athletes will join competitors from Alberta, Manitoba and the rest of  Saskatchewan for this competition. 

Our Team Goal for the event is to win over-all participation and Team size (More people having more fun).  This is not an official victory or recognition but it is our own challenge. We look forward to your contribution and having a great time with us at the regatta. We depend on every WRCC paddler to make this happen. Please support your crew mates to fill all our entries.

Athlete Transportation:

Our Team is now big enough to travel by Bus (O Ya, Go TEAM!) We love the time together in the bus as a great way to foster team building and a sense of WRCC unity. It also allows athletes who may not otherwise have rides to participate and makes sure we all get there on time.  The Team will depart the Wascana Racing Canoe Club at 8:00 am Friday with the travel time estimated at 7.5 hours. Parents and the ‘cheering team’ who may be traveling to Calgary as well, If there are empty seats in the bus we are happy to have you ride along.

Boat & Equipment Transportation:

Boat Trailer loading will be Thursday August 1st, 12-4:00. All athletes are expected to assist in boat loading. Athletes’ will be informed of unloading times based on return time to Regina the next day (Monday). All athletes are expected to help unload the trailer and vans back at the club. 


Athletes will stay at the EconoLodge, 7505 Macleod Trail South, Calgary and a short dive to the Calgary Canoe Club. Hotel phone is 403-252-4401 and web site: http://www.econolodgesouthcalgary.com Paddlers will in shared rooms with up to 4 people per room. Rooms have two queen beds each. Coaches will assign paddlers to each room.

Meals in Calgary:

Athletes are responsible to pack meals for the Bus trip. The bus may stop for lunch where the paddlers can stretch their legs and grab a quite bite as well. The first night a team meal will be organized at a local restaurant near the hotel. On Saturday and Sunday (race days) the WRCC nutrition station will be set up. This is a tent with water and snacks so paddler can ‘graze’ though the event and keep energy levels up. The Grazing Station should not be considered a meal replacement. Coaches will facilitate an athlete grocery-shopping trip so athletes can bring race day meals. Some food may be available for purchase at the regatta site but this will depend on the event organizers. Please advise us if special meal requirements are needed.

Athlete Supervision:

The Team Coach(s) and Manager will have charge of the group while at the event. The coach(s) will travel with the athletes. All athletes are expected to behave in an appropriate manner and represent themselves and the Wascana Racing Canoe Club responsibly and display the highest degree of sportsmanship. Parents: If interested in joining in, we welcome you to talk to us about tagging along to view the event and/or help out while we are away.

Your equipment:

You know better than anyone what you will need for personal race equipment.  Do not ASSUME that your equipment has been taken on the trailer or in the Van.  Pack it yourself!


  • Life belt or PFD, Sun-screen, Hat & sun glasses, Rain Wear.  
  • WRCC TEAM RACING SHIRTS - Competition Rules state that all paddlers where the approved club competition uniform.  For us this is the WRCC race shirt.  CLCK HERE.

For many, this is the first trip to the Divisional Championship Regatta, and possible your first experience at a Canoe-Kayak Regatta.  We trust you will have a great time and are excited for the trip and the experience you will gain. GO WASCANA GO!!

Team Leaders:

  • Mike Robinson - Head Coach 
  • Kyra Selinger - Team Manager (Da' Boss)
  • The Full WRCC youth coaching  squad will be on site as well.  They will be there as competitors and as always there to help our younger athletes.

Coaches appreciate any parents willing to assist the team by supervising from time to time or run errands.  Please let us know if you will be joining us in Calgary. All athletes are expected to behave in an appropriately, represent themselves and the Wascana Racing Canoe Club in a top-quality manner, and display the highest degree of sportsmanship.  

Your Equipment:

You know better than anyone what you will need for personal race equipment.  Do not ASSUME that your equipment has been taken on the trailer.  Work with your coach to ensure what you need gets loaded on the trailer.  To be sure, Pack it yourself!

Cost Breakdown:

The Team fee is estimated at between $280 and $365 based on 30+ athletes. This fee covers transportation for equipment and team, race fees, hotel and lunch at the race course. Once we confirm our entries we will finalize exact cost in that range.

  • Monday July 29th: $100 Deposit
  • Thursday Aug 1st: Final payment after the registration numbers are finalized.