A C1 is a one-person canoe. The 'C' stands for CANADIAN. This is our sport!

Pool Friday - August 10th

Pool Friday - August 10th

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This week is a HOT one! What else is there better to do then head to the pool to cool down?!
We are going to take all full day paddlers to Ipsco pool this Friday - August 10th for the afternoon to relax and unwind before our big regatta this weekend! 
The morning we will be having some fun race preparation to ensure that everyone feels comfortable before race day. Followed by a cool afternoon at the pool!

The best part: it is FREE! 

Athletes will travel in the club 15 passenger van to the pool and will be supervised
by a coach at all times. *If you wish for your athlete not to attend the pool they may come for a half day in the morning and head home for the afternoon if need be*