A C1 is a one-person canoe. The 'C' stands for CANADIAN. This is our sport!

Oklahoma - 2018 (September 26th - October 1st)

Oklahoma - 2018 (September 26th - October 1st)

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This is a really fun event for the kids, and includes night sprints under the lights, followed by fireworks to end the weekend.

The dates for Oklahoma are September 26th - October 1st. The plan is to leave early morning on Wednesday September 26th, and arrive Thursday September 27th in the afternoon, race Thursday evening, Friday evening and Saturday throughout the day.  We can also set the kids up with passes to the Whitewater rafting park that is on site.
We would leave Sunday morning to return with an ETA of Monday October 1st in the afternoon.
The age category for this trip would be those that have turned or will be turning "13" in 2018.


Don't be concerned about missing school, opportunity will be provided for them to do homework in the vehicle and on Friday throughout the day while at the clubhouse, or they can just leave the work at home and get caught up when they get back.  Last year we were billeted out to members of the Oklahoma Canoe Kayak club, similar to how we billet there athletes when they come to our Canada Day Regatta.  Transportation will be via carpool, that way we can get around to the billet houses easier, and transport our boats via rooftop racks.  If you child wants to attend and if you think you are able to take a vehicle we will be setting up a signup sheet via our website shortly.  The sooner we know who is coming the more easier it will be to determine the cost per person for the event.
*The Price for This Event is TBD* 
More information to come!