High Performance Winter 2021-2022
High Performance Winter 2021-2022

High Performance Winter 2021-2022

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Be a Stronger, Fitter, Faster and Better paddler in the Spring.  Winter training provides the necessary foundation for successful in-season and long-term athletic development. Activities include Strength, Run, Ski and Erg sessions. Training takes place indoors and outdoors at the Canoe Club. Schedule to be posted soon.

The WRCC training progressively builds the physical and technical foundation of long-term performance. The objective is to provide appropriate training opportunities to support athletes (at all stages) along the path to personal best performances and sport enjoyment.

Athletes in this group have chosen Canoe/Kayak Sprint as their primary sport and are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Athletes will have the opportunity to be involved with decision-making regarding training and competitions, and will be asked to be accountable for those decisions. Athletes are required to be involved in nation-wide competitions (should they qualify), provincial training camps and club activities as set by the coaching staff.

Ages: U14+

Session dates: Season starts November 2021 - May 2022

Pre-Requisite: Junior Development and invitation by Head Coach

LTAD Stage: Learn to Compete, Train to Compete, Train to Win

Fitness Outcomes:

  • Specific Resistance Training
  • Heart Rate and Fatigue Management
  • General Aerobic Base
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Power Development
  • Correct lifting technique

Coordination Outcomes:

  • Specific Canoe/Kayak movements are learned
  • Focus and Refine big movements

Program Cost = Registration Fee + Work Commitment

$510.00 (Etransfer) or $527.85 (MC) + 8 Work Credits

Fees are subject to change by $50 based on the discretion of the board of directors 

Please send all etransfers to: wrcc_treasurer@yahoo.ca

Work commitments help benefit the Club in many ways. The funds generated help to purchase new equipment, pay bills and staff. Working these commitments helps us keep our program costs lower for you. They are also a great way for parents to learn more about the Club and what happens down at the boathouse. It’s amazing how many friendships are forged at Bingo!

The other great part of working commitments is the ability to generate money in your Travel Account. Once work commitments are completed, additional fundraising monies go to your travel account. Taking advantage of all opportunities to build up the Travel Account can have an enormous impact on the athlete’s financial ability to fully participate in the competitive season.

Don't leave anyone out.  If registering more than one paddler you can take advantage of discounts.  At the Checkout use the below DISCOUNT CODE that applies to you. 

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For more info on 'Work Commitments' and 'Travel Accounts' check out the Members Page (Click Here)