A C1 is a one-person canoe. The 'C' stands for CANADIAN. This is our sport!

Returning 2020: May 04-Oct 30

Returning 2020: May 04-Oct 30

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The full on-water paddling starts as early May and carries through until mid or late October depending on seasonal conditions. 

Don't leave anyone out.  If registering more than one paddler you can take advantage of discounts.  At the Checkout use the below DISCOUNT CODE that applies to you. 

  • 2 Paddlers 5% off, Save up to $56): Code 2PADDLERS
  • 3 Paddlers 20% off, Save up to $336): Code 3PADDLERS
  • 4 Paddlers 28% off, Save up to $616): Code 4PADDLERS
  • 5 Paddlers 32% off, Save up to $896): Code 5PADDLERS
  • 6 Paddlers 35% off, Save up to $1176): Code 6PADDLERS

Program Cost = Registration Fee + Work Commitment

 Year of Birth Fee Work Commitment

2010 or Younger
2006 & older


4 X Bingo
4 X Bingo + 2 Other
4 X Bingo + 4 Other
4 X Bingo + 4 Other

Work commitments help benefit the Club in many ways. The funds generated help to purchase new equipment, pay bills and staff. Working these commitments helps us keep our program costs lower for you. They are also a great way for parents to learn more about the Club and what happens down at the boathouse. It’s amazing how many friendships are forged at Bingo!

The other great part of working commitments is the ability to generate money in your Travel Account. Once work commitments are completed, additional fundraising monies go to your travel account. Taking advantage of all opportunities to build up the Travel Account can have an enormous impact on the athlete’s financial ability to fully participate in the competitive season.

For more info on 'Work Commitments' and 'Travel Accounts' check out the Members Page (Click Here)