A C1 is a one-person canoe. The 'C' stands for CANADIAN. This is our sport!

Oct 25th (Friday): Pre-Halloween Spook show and dance!!!

Oct 25th (Friday): Pre-Halloween Spook show and dance!!!

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Bringing back a classic for the kids.... An old school "barn" (boat bay) dance!

6:00-8:00pm all ages --> Not to give to much away....but we will have a scavenger hunt, games, a ghoulish dance party, food, some crazy decorations and a good ol' costume contest!

8:00pm-12:00am -->  scary movie to get you in the Halloween spirit. Bring your own chair/blanket, and maybe a friend (or three) so you have a hand to hold and the best costume you got. You don't want to miss this.🎃🦇

We welcome all friends, siblings, and/or cousins to sign up as well. We want to pack the boat house one last time for 2019 season!