A C1 is a one-person canoe. The 'C' stands for CANADIAN. This is our sport!

Florida Boat Transport
Florida Boat Transport

Florida Boat Transport

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For paddlers NOT attending the WRCC Florida Spring camp but needing transportation for their personal canoe or kayak to Florida, WRCC offers one-way transportation at $150 or $300 round trip.

In Order to ensure we have a easy time crossing the Canada/USA border each boat will be labeled with the following:

  • Your Name 
  • Make & Model of Boat
  • Serial or ID #

PLEASE PROVIDE THESE BEFORE HAND OR LABEL THE BOAT YOURSELF.  Otherwise we will need to un-bag your boat and look for the info before loading.

It is your responsibility to get your boat on the WRCC trailer before departure in Regina. For return from Florida to Regina the communicate with Mike.  The ETA for the trailer return is the end of April.

WRCC assumes no liability for damage or loss.  You should have your boat insured under your own policy.

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