A C1 is a one-person canoe. The 'C' stands for CANADIAN. This is our sport!

Florida Camp - 2019

Once you have registered, print and return the below athlete & parent consent forms:

  • Medical Consent form
  • Consent for Minor to Travel
  • Athlete Agreement

  • The 2019 Florida Spring Training Camp is held at the Cape Crossing Resort & Marina on Merritt Island. The camp location is on the intercostal waterway near Cape Canaveral and just north of the Canadian National Team Camp location. The camp is located directly east of the Orlando international airport and 40min by car.

    Why Do All Paddlers Meet in Florida?

    Initially the purpose of this camp is to expose athletes to an elevated training experience and prepare paddlers for early season competitions. Year after year, the Florida Camp has proven to be one of the best training experiences we can offer our athletes. For the younger paddlers it is more than a fantastic growth & life experience, it gives them a glimpse into high-level training and is a major milestone on the paddler’s development pathway. For the older athletes, it is an essential part of preparing for spring and summer competitions. This camp provides more long-term benefits and bang for your training time than any other project we offer. 


    The 2-week camp is offered for athletes to get a first taste of the Florida camp experience and prepare them for the following year.  For parents, it provides an insight into what will be involved in the years to come as our athletes’ progress in the competitive stream. The winter training program ensures paddlers are ready. If not attending winter training, the athlete must convince the coach they are ready. With this in mind, camp activities are geared toward paddlers who plan attend the longer camp longer next year.

    Is This For You: 

    It is important to realize the camp is not for everyone. The coaches are very busy coaching different groups and are not there as baby-sitters, and athletes are largely independent. If you feel your child needs to be chaperoned in mixed company they should not attend. This camp is for the well prepared, committed paddlers that are aggressively pursuing the sport with sights set on National and/or top Provincial level competition.

    If a paddler cannot keep up with the training group on the water, it becomes difficult for the coach to maintain a safe and effective training environment. If the coach(s) feels the paddler is not at a level where they can safely stay with a training group then he/she will not be able to attend.

    Coach(s) will have the final decision on who can attend the camp. Any such decision will be based on the athlete’s past and current commitment/performance level. If you cannot make the training sessions you are asked to document the training on your own and provide a training journal detailing your preparation. Coaches must ensure athletes are not overwhelmed once at camp, and preparation is required.

    School Work:

    Time out of school: Athletes are expected to be responsible and disciplined while at camp and maintain their studies. Students are encouraged to speak with teachers as early as possible regarding assignments and study guides while away. In the past athletes have managed this well. However, it is not easy and if the athlete/students cannot commit to academic, as well as athletic, excellence - this camp is not for them. 

    Camp Location:

    The Camp will take place at the newly built Cape Crossing Resort & Marina, 2750 Tingley Dr. Merritt Island, FL 32953, USA. Paddlers selected to take part in National Team camp activities may spend time in Indian Harbor Beach near Melbourne before joining us. NT camp arrangements are outside this plan and must be organized with their coach and the National Team. 


    Flights:  You will be responsible for your own flight, but we will coordinate air travel bookings so we may travel as a group to and from Orlando, Florida. This means we will do our best to fly in at approximately the same time and corral there until the last paddler’s flight gets in.  We will provide transportation by Team Van to and from the airport.

    Once your flight is booked please share your details HERE so other paddlers might get on the same flight as you. Before you book your flight check what others have done.

    If traveling on alternate days this must be approved with your team leader/coach.  We cannot take coaches away from training athletes to make random airport pickups other than those planned. 

    Please provide a full copy of your flight itinerary once booked. We will notify you of flights that other paddlers and coaches have booked so you can try to get on the same flights. If you find a great deal on a flight please make sure you share the info so others can hop on as well. Return flights should be booked for afternoon departures to ensure arrival at the airport in time for the flight.

    Driving: Older athletes may select to drive their own vehicle to Florida. If so please make sure we know your travel plans. If you are making other travel arrangements make sure the coaches are aware of your plans.


    Athletes collaborate with room-mates for meal planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation. Grocery stores are within walking distance from the accommodations. We understand some athletes have individualized food requirements/restrictions, however collaborating as a group we have found meal plans and solutions are doable. Practicing the skill of collaboration is a key element of the camp and the environment. Coaches are available to guide and support the process when needed. 


    • Camp Agreement – Signed by the athlete & parent if athlete is under 18
    • Consent to Travel Form & Emergency Medical Permission Form
    • Copy of Medical Insurance - MUST provide coverage while in Florida. The Club Coaches and Conveners cannot be responsible to pay emergency medical fees out of pocket, and chase reimbursement from policy holder once back in Canada. Please confirm with your insurance provider.
    • Passport number.
    • Copy of Flight or other Travel Plans.

    CAMP FEES:           

    2-weeks=$1400, 3-weeks=$1700, 4-weeks=$2000,  5-weeks=$2300
    Note: Camp Fees are not negotiable & the $500 deposit is not refundable.

    IF USING CREDIT CARD FOR PAYMENT - we will need to add 3% service charge onto the fee. You can select e-transfer as the payment method to avoid the extra service fee.

      Camp Fees include housing, training and team activities.  Activities 'may' include: